Who am I? Mel Stefou

I am Mel Mehtap Stefou, born and raised in Australia. Living in a multicultural, cosmopolitan country, my greatest advantage was growing up amongst different cultures. This allowed me to be inspired, as well as to observe and analyse the many nationalities. I have always been a “people” person with an eye for detail. I love talking and interacting with people from all walks of life, communities and backgrounds.

I am a Style Consultant because I am passionate about creating individual style. I have the ability to analyse a style to match your personality according to your body shape and skin colour. I want to assist you in building self-confidence and in finding the right style which is perfect for you.

My clients range from royalty, to world stars as well as business women and fashion savvy housewives. I treat all my clients with the same enthusiasm because I simply love what I do and seeing happy clients is what ultimately drives me..

I serve as a style consultant, personal stylist, wardrobe stylist as well as a personal shopper.

I love what I do with a passion, so if you need a touch of style, and an expert shopping friend, I am ready to combine the colours, fabric and fashion for you!

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Services what i can do for you


Style Consultancy

“I listen, I hear, I do not change you, I guide you to discovery”.

H&M Studio Fashoin Consultant

Personal Shopping

“The best shopping experience for those that want only the best”.

Wardrobe Management

Wardrobe Management

“Let’s get rid of what you don’t wear, let me help you mix and match”.

Celebrity Styling

Celebrity Styling

“Show your difference, be different”.

Shopping in Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul

“If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, it means you’re not in Istanbul!”.

Shopping for Brides

Shopping for Brides

“Every woman can become a bride, but not every wedding gown will truly make a mark!”.

Portfolio what we have done


Celebrity Fashion Shoot

Turkish actress Cansu Tosun

Celebrity Styling


Styling for Miya & Ty Dolla Sign

Personal Shop

Shopping Tour with Edis

KAAN Sirens Ft. Snoop Dogg

Backstage with Kaan Gulsoy &
Snoop Dogg

Kaan Gulsoy & Kenan Dogulu

Styling for Kaan Gulsoy & Kenan Dogulu

Ebru Yasar Stylıng

Styling Ebru Yaşar


Reyhan Issız Duvarlar Videoshoot

Serap C Makeover

Makeover Session

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