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Wardrobe Management by Mel

“Ideal clothes, ideal combination, ideal wardrobe.”

Isn’t it nonsense to own so much clothing that you will never wear and still keep those clothes that make you look shorter or more overweight than you actually are? Having a professional analyse your wardrobe, getting rid of those unused and unnecessary outfits, combining suitable pieces of clothing for the perfect outfit is easier than you think! All we need is to arrange the time and date to get together.

You decide when, and together we will sort through in detail all of your clothes and find the ones that suit your style, your size and your desires. We will go out and purchase any must-have items that may be missing from your wardrobe and finally your wardrobe will go from ‘cant find anything’ to amazing items just waiting to be showcased. How?

“Ideal clothes, ideal combination, ideal wardrobe.”

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